Social Enterprises

Are you ready to be a third sector enterprise?

How ready is your organisation to be successful with enterprise strategies? What is your “SEQ” – sector enterprise quotient?

Try to answer the following questions as honestly as possible, from the perspective of what you believe to be true for your organisation. There are really no right or wrong answers, it just means for some of us the journey may be longer to achieve our aims of sustainability.

Please answer "yes", "no", or "unsure" to the following questions

1. Candour – can you be brutally honest about your services, your capabilities, your capacity, your resources, the market, the competition, etc?

2. Passion – are you excited by the prospect of becoming more entrepreneurial? Is this something that almost the whole organisation has brought into and believes in?

3. Timing – are you convinced this is the right time for you to pursue entrepreneurial activity, or are there other over-riding priorities?

4. Clarity – can you list the reasons why you want to develop enterprising strategies? Can you articulate what your organisation what to accomplish?

5. Risk – are you willing to take reasonable risks?

6. Commitment – are you willing to stick with it for the next several years?

7. Courage – are you ready to make tough decisions, ready to face the doubters and the critics?

8. Board involvement – are the board involved from the start and giving the organisation as much help as possible?

9. Staff resources – are you willing and able to dedicate and allocate staff time?

10. Action Orientated – do you believe a pretty good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow or the day after?

11. Core values – do you have a written set of core values? And more importantly do you know what they are?

12. Customer focus – is your organisation always willingly to start with them and do you know who they are?

13. Core competencies – have you defined your core competencies?

14. Attachment – are you willing to end programmes and projects that are no longer working or truly needed?

15. Willingness to plan – do you have effective strategies and tactical planning processes in place?

16. Market matters – do you understand market forces and how they affect your organisation?

17. Business orientation – can you think and act like a business?

18. Financial factors – is your organisation fiscally well managed?

19. Double vision – can you keep yourself focused on a double or even triple bottom line?

20. Profit attitude – are you willing to make money?

21. Mission focus – are you clearly focused on/driven by your mission?

22. Flexibility – are you willing and able to improvise and change?

Total of "yes" answers

20-22 – get going, what are you waiting for? You are leading the charge and highly likely to succeed!

17-19 – you have a few problems to solve, but nothing that should hold you back, if you need us - call us!

14-16 – you have some real issues you need to address, consider what you want to do, if you decide to go ahead call us and see how we can help you

11-13 – at this point you have more weaknesses than strengthens in your organisation but don’t despair you can still get there, call us to talk about the fundamental changes you need to make

 0-10 – third sector enterprise is not for you at the moment, you need to be thinking about something else to generate income for your organisation, call us now to help you develop realistic and relevant funding strategies for your organisation

Remember it all starts with an IDEA - an internally directed entrepreneurial assessment

We can help you to define an entrepreneurial concept and then validate the merit and potential of that concept within the current marketplace.