About Us

Who we are and what we offer

Community Action Wyre Forest is a local infrastructure organisation and Council for the Voluntary Service (CVS). We exist to support, promote, develop and represent voluntary action. We:

  • promote initiatives that address community needs, including social inclusion and disadvantage
  • strengthen public, private and voluntary partnerships in the interest of the community of Wyre Forest.

Our organisation was started in 2000 by local groups who identified the need to have such an organisation. A year later they were successful in securing a start up fund and we became operational in July 2001. We took over the local volunteer centre in October that year and, since then, have supported many groups and individuals wanting to volunteer.

We are a registered charity and company limited by guarantee and are overseen by a board of trustees that meets regularly.

It has often been commented that CAWF have a really brilliant and remarkable team of staff and because one of the best has just retired (thank you Joan for everything from everyone) we decided we would look at just why people thought we were so good. And this is what we came up with - The eight qualities of CAWF’s remarkable staff:

1. They ignore job descriptions. The smaller the organisation, the more important it is that staff can think on their feet, adapt quickly to shifting priorities, and do whatever it takes, regardless of role or position, to get things done. When a key project is in jeopardy, remarkable employees know without being told there's a problem and jump in without being asked—even if it's not their job.

2. They’re eccentric... The best staff are often a little different: maybe even considered quirky, and sometimes irreverent, and we are delighted to celebrate that unusual trait. They seem slightly odd, but in a really good way. Unusual personalities shake things up, make work more fun, and transform a plain-vanilla group into a team with flair and flavour. Our people who aren't afraid to be different naturally stretch the boundaries, challenge the status quo, and often come up with the best ideas.

3. But they know when to dial it back. An unusual personality is a lot of fun... until it isn't. When a major challenge pops up or a situation gets stressful, the best members of staff stop expressing their individuality and fit seamlessly into making a remarkable team. They know when to play and when to be serious; when to be irreverent and when to conform; and when to challenge and when to back off. It’s a tough balance to strike, but the rare few can walk that fine line with ease.

4. They publicly praise... Praise from the boss feels good. Praise from a peer feels awesome, especially when you look up to that person. Remarkable staff recognise the contributions of others, especially in group settings where the impact of their words is even greater.

5. And they privately complain. We all want staff members to bring issues forward, but some problems are better handled in private. Great employees often get more latitude to bring up controversial subjects in a group setting because their performance allows greater freedom. Remarkable staff come to you before or after a meeting to discuss a sensitive issue, knowing that bringing it up in a group setting could set off a firestorm.

6. They speak when others won’t. Some employees are hesitant to speak up in meetings. Some are even hesitant to speak up privately. A member of staff once asked me a question about potential new funding stream. After the meeting I said, “Why did you ask about that? You already know what's going on.” they said, “I do, but a lot of other people don't, and they're not sure if they should ask. I thought it would help if they heard the answers from you.”
Remarkable employees have an innate feel for the issues and concerns of those around them, and step up to ask questions or raise important issues when others hesitate.

7. They like to prove others wrong. Self-motivation often springs from a desire to show that doubters are wrong. The kid without a college degree or the woman who was told she was only good enough to be a cleaner often possess a burning desire to prove other people wrong.
Education, intelligence, talent, and skill are important, but drive is critical. Remarkable members of staff are driven by something deeper and more personal than just the desire to do a good job.

8. They’re always fiddling (and NOT the books). Some people are rarely satisfied (I mean that in a good way) and are constantly tinkering with something: Reworking a timeline, adjusting a process, tweaking a workflow, rewriting training sessions.
Great employees follow processes. The Remarkable staff at CAWF find ways to make those processes even better, not only because they are expected to… but because they just can't help it.

And the NINTH most important and remarkable thing about CAWF staff is that we are all waiting to help you, pick up the telephone and call us today on 01384 394109

Services we offer

We offer the following support, capacity building and training in:

  • Social Audit and Social Enterprise
  • Marketing
  • All Health and Safety
  • HR and Employment Law
  • Governance and Accountability
  • Financial Governance
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Volunteer Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Policy Development
  • Project Management
  • Research
  • Reports
  • Evaluation
  • Business Planning
  • Facilitation
  • Change Management

Supporting people back into employment -

Customer Service Training, Disability Employment Toolkit, Developing Employability Skills, Working in the Care Sector, Confidentiality, Working with Vulnerable Adults, Working in Hospitality, Working in Retail, Self Employment, Interview skills, Making Presentations, Mentoring and Befriending, Stress and Anger Management and much more

For further advice or support on all your training and capacity building needs email cawfcvs@gmail.com or telephone 01384 394109 or use the contact us page on this website.